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Leticia V. Rizo, self taught artist.  Executive co-producer of Jose Rizo's Mongorama and Jose Rizo's Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars



         I am honored to have you visit and browse through my collection of paintings.                       

 I am a self-taught evolving artist who continues to learn on a daily basis.  My passion for art, I believe, has always been a part of my being. 

Through my lifetime, all the visual arts have in one way or another captivated me.

       As an elementary school teacher, a mother of two young men, and being involved in the music world along with my husband, my life experiences provided me with opportunities to create everything and anything that was artistic and crafty. 

I've created posters, display boards, banners for soccer teams, paper-mache sculptures, colorful murals, and taught art to my students - I loved it all!

       Every time I worked on an artistic project, I would experience that feeling of pure joy.

So, since I have recently retired from teaching, I now have the time to fully dedicate it to that feeling of joy, my passion.....painting! 

       What I paint is a reflection of the experiences, people that have touched my life and the beauty I see in our nature.

My heart, soul, and mood guide me as I paint the people I admire, like musicians, world role models, sport figures, my culture, animals, landscapes, places I visited or dream of visiting, and my grandkids, who always put a smile on my face.

      Thank you again for taking the time to browse through my collection of paintings....and taking a peek through this window into my life.

If any of my painting moved you in any way, please let me know.  Leave me a note. 

You are welcome to take a peek at Letty's Boutique!  Thank you!!!!!


Leticia V. Rizo

My Artwork on Album Cover

I am honored to have my artwork as the cover  on  the Grammy Nominated Latin Jazz band, Jose Rizo's Mongorama's third album.

Leticia V. Rizo cd cover art for Grammy nominated Jose Rizo's Mongorama latin jazz

  If you are interested in music, like jazz, latin jazz, or salsa, then here is the link for the cd.

Jose Rizo's Mongorama CD 

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